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To register for the 2020 Alameda County 4-H Camp (Las Posadas)

Alameda County 4-H Camp 2020
Campers - Please do not register campers until April 1st
Staff - Open now!

ALL youth and parents must:

a) Complete and Submit this on-line form.
b) Mail signed 'Code of Conduct
' and 'Medical' forms (you will be directed to the Forms page after online registration),
c) Be a 4-H member or volunteer,
d) Please Continue to Sign Up. Payment will not be due until. July 1 2020. If camp is cancelled you will receive a FULL REFUND .....Pay the camp fee ($285.00).

Campers -                     $285

1st year Staff -              $285
Staff (2nd yr. or later)   $225

If you are attending Camp you will need this Document! Has everything you would need to know.

Welcome to Alameda County 4-H Camp Information Sheet (Rev. 2019)

If you have any questions regarding 4-H camp, please call Jim Bennett at 925-699-2838 or Dion Hock at 925-209-6931
Mail all forms and payment (make checks payable to Alameda 4-H Council)

Jim Bennett

191 Hagemann Dr
Livermore, CA 94551
Home 925-449-0114
Cell 925-699-2838

To go to Forms Page Click Here

Alameda 4-H Camp 2020